5 Best Ways To Keep Your Patio During Winter Months

Outdoor living areas should not just be enjoyed during the summer. So whether you don’t want to say goodbye to summer or you wish to maximize your outdoor living space – at Wollongong Landscaping, we got you covered! Even if the temperature has dropped, you can still relax and have fun on your patio.

Let us help you extend the glory of your patio with some modifications and helpful additions. Once done, you will no longer stare longingly at your outdoor living area and wish for spring to arrive early. So what are you waiting for? Grab your fluffy blanket, chocolate drink and check out some of the best ways to keep your patio warm during the winter months.

Heat Things Up

An outdoor heat source is one of the essential things you have to prepare when winter is about to come. Since there are a lot of heating sources available in home improvement stores, you will not run low on alternatives for your patio.

An outdoor fireplace is a traditional choice for many residential homes. It can effectively provide warmth in your patio, and it can also substantially enhance the overall look of your space. Fire pits are also popular because it is safer and more affordable compared to outdoor fireplaces. Depending on your requirements, you can opt to have a portable or permanent fire pit. They also come in a myriad of structures and designs, so they can also increase the visual appeal of your space. Another good alternative you can try is portable patio heaters. These things are easy to use and cost-friendly, but they can only provide warmth to a small area, so you have to place them on your patio strategically.

Add All-Weather Furniture

When winter blows in, plastic chairs and tables or metal furniture with no padding can be a bit uncomfortable. That is why at Wollongong Landscaping, we recommend that you invest in durable, weather-proof and cozy outdoor seating or furniture for your patio. Although it is not as budget-friendly as regular furniture, you can get your money’s worth because it can stay functional and attractive for the years to come.

Install a Roof

If you wish to use your patio throughout the year, it might be best to install a roof. This will serve as a protection for falling leaves, rain, sun, wind and snow. However, if you want an alternative, you can also opt to have a screened-in patio or install a retractable awning or shade.

Add some outdoor curtains

After you have installed a reliable heat source in your patio, you can add some curtains to keep the warmth inside. Outdoor curtains can efficiently block the cold wind, and they can also increase the privacy of your patio. Just remember to keep the curtains away from the fire pit or fireplace to avoid fire hazards.

Hot Tub

Relaxing in a heated and bubbling tub near your patio is a great way to warm and ease sore muscles in winter. After a long day of shovelling snow in your driveway, a long and relaxing soak in the hot tub can be the gratifying reward you can give to yourself. Just make sure that you have a towel, robe and slippers nearby to keep you out from the cold once you are done soaking in your hot tub.

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