How to Protect Your Deck & Patio from Termite Infestation

A well-built deck and patio are excellent ways to enhance your outdoor living experience. Aside from improving your property’s overall value and appeal, these landscaping features can also be a great spot for merriment and relaxation. However, to enjoy the various advantages of a deck and patio for a long time, you have to maintain it properly. Termites are considered a big threat to any home, deck or patio. Since they can chew through the wood and destroy a structure within weeks, keeping them away from your property is essential.

At Wollongong Landscaping, we understand how a single decision in deck or patio construction can make or break our client’s dream project. There can be a myriad of factors that can affect the lifetime and durability of outdoor structures. That is why adequate maintenance and care is vital. If you are on the lookout for solutions that can protect your deck and patio from termite infestation and damage, our team got you covered. Check out the tips we will share with you so you can make the most of your outdoor living space.

Choose the wood for your deck carefully.

Make sure that you note the wood types that are less accessible and appetizing to insects like ants and termites. Termite-resistant woods have natural properties that can effectively ward off these destructive pests. We recommend that you choose hardwoods or pressure-treated timbers for your deck. With their protective layer, these wood types will resist insects and withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather changes.

Although these wood types can’t 100% guarantee a termite-free environment, they are still a better choice than untreated timber. Some of the most popular termite-resistant timbers we recommend are Blackbutt, Jarrah, Grey Gum, Cypress, Forest Red Gum and Grey Ironbark.

Elevate the timber slabs off the ground.

Wood decks are advised to be elevated to ensure that the slabs will not have direct contact with the soil beneath them. You can utilize metal stirrups to mount each timber slab and support the overall structure. By doing so, moisture from the ground will not easily reach the deck itself. However, you still have to check your deck from time to time because there are instances when termites build mud tunnels on the metal stirrups to reach the deck’s flooring.

Maintain your deck area properly.

Like most bugs and insects, termites require a habitat and food source to survive and flourish. A moisture-laden wall or rotting structure can easily attract these crawlers. So you have to ensure that you keep your deck area moisture-free. You have to keep a tab on the drainage issues you have in your yard. Find and resolve any leaks immediately to avoid standing water in the area. If you have an active water line near your deck or patio, make sure that they are properly sealed at all times.

At Wollongong Landscaping, we recommend having ample space between the deck and the soil to create a smooth airflow underneath. Since you can’t really check for leaks every day, you can also have your deck sealed annually. Through this, you can add a protective layer to your deck and rectify the small damages that your deck may have. Moreover, you can also opt for a yearly termite inspection to get rid of these silent destroyers and avoid extensive structural damages.

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