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Turf Laying in Wollongong

A lush and fresh patch of lawn is an excellent addition to any yard. In fact, it is one of the defining features of Australia’s suburbs. Moreover, it is a great alternative to upscale the exteriors of a property. If you wish to revamp your garden with high-quality turf, we can be the professional team to help you out. At Wollongong Landscaping, we guarantee top-notch landscaping services and premium-quality products for our customers to experience utmost convenience and satisfaction when they decide to work with us.

Our seasoned landscapers guarantee that you can have effective and beautiful turf solutions that will not strain your budget. At Wollongong Landscaping, we established partnerships with many well-known and trusted local suppliers to ensure that you can get the best deals without compromising the quality you deserve. Aside from the actual installation, we can also guide you in figuring out what type of turf will perfectly match your lawn.

Our team continually strives hard in every project we handle to ensure that our customers will have a convenient and stress-free experience working with us. So if you require a professional’s help with your lawn or you have further queries about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to drop us a call or reach out via email. To help you kickstart your plans, we can also furnish you with a free quote and consultation. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you start this project!

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Professional Craftsmanship

We always prioritize our customers' satisfaction. At Wollongong Landscaping, we take every landscaping project as a challenge. Our entire firm is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service, top-quality work, and bespoke outputs in every project we handle.

On-Time Delivery

Our dependable team can give an estimate for the duration of the landscaping project. We always value your time. With the support of our hardworking professionals, all projects are finished on or before the agreed-upon date.

Licensed, Insured, and Certified Services

At Landscaping Wollongong, we are a locally owned and operated firm. We have the essential license, insurance, and certificate needed in all areas of our trade so our clients can relax and have a stress-free experience if they hire us.

Natural Turf or Artificial Turf: Which is Better?

The maintenance that natural turf requires is considerably different compared to artificial turf. For you to have a beautiful and healthy natural turf for a long time, you have to regularly water, mow, fertilize and weed it. It may be a tedious process for some. That is why artificial turf can also be a great option because for it to look good as new, you just have to brush, refill and clean it occasionally.

Visual Appeal
We only source and use top-quality natural and synthetic turf, so we guarantee that when you choose to work with us, you can achieve the visual appeal you prefer for your lawn. Depending on your style preference and existing landscape, you can check out our vast collection of turf varieties and decide what will work best in your area. If you are undecided as to what turf to choose, don’t fret because our knowledgeable landscapers can efficiently handle the job for you.

Whether natural or synthetic, the key to having a long-lasting turf is proper installation and maintenance. With the right care and upkeep, a natural turf can potentially last for many generations. Artificial turf, on the other hand, can last up to 15 years at most before it needs replacing.

Helpful Tips to Correctly Maintain Your Outdoor Tiles

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your turfing needs or someone who can expertly take care of a complete backyard transformation, we can be the team you are looking for. At Wollongong Landscaping, we have certified landscapers equipped with cutting-edge equipment and materials to transform your site into a stunning and visually pleasing area. Since we have extensive experience and local know-how when it comes to landscaping solutions, our team has the knowledge as to what turf varieties will work best with the various soil types around Wollongong. Check out the comprehensive turf laying services we can offer to you below:

  • Measuring your lawn
  • Prepping the area or removing old turf
  • Choosing what’s the most suited turf for your lawn
  • Levelling the ground
  • Putting the underlay and fertilizer
  • Installing the turf
  • Shaping the turf to match the landscape you want for your lawn
  • Garden edging
  • Giving suggestions and tips for long-term care