Is a Hardwood Deck Worth It?

As summertime arrives, many people plan to install a new deck or scouring for ways to renovate their existing one. Having a deck for your home comes with a multitude of benefits. This landscaping solution does not only upscale the curb appeal of your home. It can also provide you and your family with an excellent spot to make the most of your outdoor living experience. However, deciding what type of decking material to use for your dream deck can be daunting because of the considerations you have to remember and the myriad options available in the market.

At Wollongong Landscaping, we understand that every client has a unique set of requirements and preferences. That is why we ensure that we use a range of top-quality decking materials that can be specifically crafted to suit our client’s needs. One of the best decking materials we recommend is hardwood. There are various reasons why many homeowners in Wollongong prefer hardwood decking for their properties. It has a warm and natural appeal that other decking materials can’t replicate. Aside from that, here are some reasons why a hardwood deck is a worthy investment for your home.

It is an eco-friendly decking option.

One of the best-selling features of a hardwood deck is that it is made of renewable and sustainable materials. Since the productions of hardwood deck boards entail less waste and energy, you can help the environment by choosing it for your deck.

It elicits less carbon footprint compared to other manmade deck materials. Aside from that, it can be easily recycled and does not use binding agents or harmful chemicals for it to last long. However, if you buy hardwood materials from a supplier, you have to ensure that they are licensed because some natural hardwood might come from illegal loggers.

Hardwood decks don’t easily fade.

Factory engineered decking materials have the tendency to fade after a few years when they are exposed to UV rays of the sun. Due to the sun’s harsh rays, these materials’ artificial colour, style, and grain may break down and fade over time.

That is why, if you wish to have a functional and stunning deck that will last for a long time, hardwood boards are an excellent option. Since it has vibrant natural colour and grain, you don’t have to repaint or stain it annually. Some hardwood varieties even look better after a few years if it is properly installed and maintained.

It is robust and durable.

When homeowners plan to have wood decks for their homes, it is crucial to pick the type of timber to use. However, some people would go for those wood varieties with cheap upfront costs because it is more affordable. At Wollongong Landscaping, we suggest that you avoid picking a material for your deck just because it is cheap. It might be best to consider the quality and durability of the wood type before purchasing it.

Most regular timbers will easily break, rot or warp when exposed to extreme weather changes, harsh elements, and heavy foot traffic. That is why we recommend that you invest in top-quality hardwood because they are highly durable and robust compared to other wood types. They are naturally resistant to rotting, staining, splitting and insect infestation, so you can save more money when it comes to monthly or annual maintenance and repairs.

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