How to Keep Algae and Moss From Paving Stones

Having pavers as a material for whatever outdoor project you have planned can be beneficial in different ways. Whether it be for a pathway or a deck, many options come with pavers. As versatile and creative as pavers can be, the material also has its fair share of downfalls. Generally, the cons of pavers involve the material type and the installation process.

There is, however, one issue that happens to pavers after installation. That would be the material turning green. This phenomenon usually occurs with a stone type of pavers caused by bacteria like algae or moss seeping into the stone. If left alone, the algae/moss will spread to nearby surfaces and eventually become a health hazard.

How to Deal With Green Pavers

Pavers turning green, as stated, are caused by algae and moss developing in the material. The reason behind algae and moss growing on pavers is excessive moisture seeping into the pavers and further developing in dark conditions.

An option to avoid your pavers turning green is to have them and any furniture removed from areas exposed to moist or humid conditions. If this is not feasible, you will want to note the following solutions:

Dry Out the Area

The best way to deal with algae or moss on pavers is to remove them before further spreading. A safe and easy way to remove algae or moss is when the pavers are fully dry. If you attempt to remove them when there is still moisture in the area, it can result in spores released into the air during the process. You will want to limit spore movement as much as possible and expose the area to sunlight for direct drying. Another option for this would be to use a fan or heater safe for outdoor use.

Sweep the Area

Once the area/pavers are fully dry, the next step is to sweep the algae and moss away. You can remove as many algae and moss as possible using a deck brush or a push broom with stiff bristles. For more stubborn areas, you will want to use a plastic scraper.

Use a Pressure Washer

If the green substance is too minimal to be dried or swept away, the next option is to pressure wash the paving stones. A pressure washer can be an investment to make and is most often the solution to algae and moss on pavers. The downside to this method is that you may need to replenish the joint sand between the pavers after cleaning them. You also have the option to hire a professional for cleaning and sealing service.

Use Vinegar or Bleach

Using vinegar or bleach can be the quickest way to deal with algae and moss on pavers. One way to test this method is to mix water with white vinegar then have it sprayed on the affected pavers. After spraying, leave it for a few minutes and have any stubborn areas addressed with a deck brush or scrub brush.

Following this process, you will want to have the area rinsed with water. If vinegar does not do the trick, the next thing to try is to mix a cup of bleach for each gallon of water. While the process is generally the same, the difference is that you will need to be heavier on the rinsing step.

Use Commercial Products

When vinegar or bleach don’t work for your affected pavers or if you want something different, there are many effective products you can select. The right product depends on how much algae and moss there is on the pavers.

For pavers with mild algae and moss spread on them, a simple patio or deck wash-type of product used for general cleaning can help clear the algae and moss. As for stained hardscapes, choose a stain remover specifically for moss. Applying any of these products involves spraying them, leaving them for a few minutes, then scrubbing and rinsing away at the areas.

What Wollongong Landscaping Can Do For You

There may be different ways to avoid having your pavers turn green, but the best way to stop the phenomenon altogether is with a professional service group. By consulting with a professional service group on the best options for any paving project, you can gain quality services to meet any paver needs. One group that can provide this is Wollongong Landscaping. With Wollongong Landscaping, you can receive reliable customer service and quality options for any landscaping problem.

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