Wollongong Landscaping


Over 15 Years Experience

Wollongong Landscaping is a locally-owned landscaping solutions that provides premium and low-cost services including outdoor tiling, retaining wall installations, paving, pergolas and patios. For more than 15 years we have dedicated our service into delivering high quality structures to make them available for everybody in Town and surrounding suburbs. Our team has built up a reputation of creating visually appealing yet structurally sound structures – the best in what they do here!


Why Choose Us

Professional Craftsmanship

We always prioritize our customers' satisfaction. At Wollongong Landscaping, we take every landscaping project as a challenge. Our entire firm is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service, top-quality work, and bespoke outputs in every project we handle.

On-Time Delivery

Our dependable team can give an estimate for the duration of the landscaping project. We always value your time. With the support of our hardworking professionals, all projects are finished on or before the agreed-upon date.

Licensed, Insured, and Certified Services

At Landscaping Wollongong, we are a locally owned and operated firm. We have the essential license, insurance, and certificate needed in all areas of our trade so our clients can relax and have a stress-free experience if they hire us.



Question & Answer

Some homeowners need to hire a contractor for their home renovation project. As you know, there are many factors that can affect the cost of your construction or repair job such as size and intricacy of design. If this is something you’re considering then please give our experts a call so they may provide an estimate based on your requirements!

Landscaping projects can be done in a few days to just over two weeks. The size of the project, what needs setting up before work begins and even the weather will affect how long it takes! Get your quote today so we have all the information needed for you and discuss with our representatives who can give an accurate timeframe based on requirements.

We’re always here to answer your questions about our lawn care services. Give us a call at 02 4210 5007 or send an email to [email protected] with any inquiries you may have, and one of our representatives will be in touch soon!